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GIS Services/Management

Bucknam & Associates provides several GIS Management Services for our clients which cover:

  • Integrating infrastructure data into existing GIS Enterprise systems
  • GPS data collection
  • Digitizing, geo-referencing
  • Digital Roadway Imaging (see below)
  • ArcServer, ArcSDE application development
  • XY Map (ArcServer) Integration
  • PMP-GIS Link (MicroPAVER, CarteGraph, etc.)
  • Sign Inventory
  • Sidewalk Inventory

Digital Roadway Imaging through Bucknam & Associates provides proactive and cost efficient GPS survey methodologies that will allow for the collection of numerous GPS locations using “one” set of digital imagery.  This methodology is an essential building block as your agency begins to identify long-term management processes, build valid GIS/GPS infrastructure data and implement a maintenance management program.  With one set of imagery, your agency will be able to collect other infrastructure assets in the future such as signs, catch basins and other ROW features; a tremendous costs savings.



GIS (Survey Van) Larger View (Click on Image)

The images that are collected are taken by using Sony digital stereographic cameras (6 cameras) positioned on the vehicle.  The images have a resolution of 1380x1024 and are geo-referenced by means of GPS equipment contained within the van.

The quality of the imagery and its GIS / record collecting capabilities within the software provided allows the technician to accurately identify the required pavement distresses defined by the pavement software and the project (distresses are collected in-house).  All pavement GIS data associated with each pavement section will be entered into the City’s working software. 

Survey vehicles are equipped with digital measuring instrumentation (DMI) that will be used to verify all pavement section lengths.  Widths will be verified with the digital roadway imagery and/or a field measurement.

The survey will be performed by the Bucknam & Associates team that is experienced and trained in pavement condition assessment and in using LambdaTech’s “Feature Extraction” software.  Based on street conditions and/or traffic, Bucknam & Associates measures specific or distinct distress types from the digital imagery and through field visual survey.