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John Wayne Airport Pavement Management, 2011-2014, 2-22-11

Bucknam & Associates was recently awarded a three (3)-yr extension to the Pavement Management program for John Wayne Airport (JWA).  Bucknam & Associates began the management of the PMP at John Wayne in 2007 and will now be serving JWA through 2014.  Over the past several years our staff implemented a turn-key pavement management project for JWA where we inspected the entire facility and its off-site parking lots for FAA compliance.  We established a detailed JWA - GIS Pavement Management link between the JWA GIS and MicroPAVER.  

Under this new extenstion, our staff will continue to perform the following services to JWA and to JWA's PMP:

  • Record retention scans (as-builts, improvement plans, structural section plans) linked to MicroPAVER and GIS sections
  • Staff will be able to select a specific area of JWA pavement and review associated plans
  • Incorporation of deflection testing data to the JWA MicroPAVER program
  • Annual field inspections
  • GIS layering enhancements
  • Pavement deterioration analysis; an
  • MicroPAVER field and software training