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City of Fountain Valley, Additional GIS Services, 1-5-11

Bucknam & Associates is pleased to announce that our Infrastructure Management - GIS Group will continue to serve the City of Fountain Valley through the update of their citywide Infrastructure Management Program (IMP).  Our staff established the City's IMP and Intranet GIS Enterprise system in 2005.  This new phase of work will build upon the success of the initial program through the following services:

  • Easement Assessment and Scanning
  • Easement Mapping - GIS Link
  • Community Development GIS Module
  • Fire Run Books GIS Mapping
  • Police Reporting District / Beat Mapping
  • Traffic Control Sign Map Book
  • Sewer GIS (GIS mapping - atlas books)
Our project is comprehensive and in-tune with the City's GIS and infrastructure management goals.  Our Project Manager, Mr. Peter Bucknam, also serves as the City's Infrastructure Management / GIS Program Manager where our team will conduct quarterly GIS management meetings.  This will ensure that all Infrastructure Management / GIS projects (internal and external) are on task and compliant with the GIS Enterprise.