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City of LA Quinta - Public Works Program Plan
Public Works Program Plan –2006

Conducted a Public Works Department Review for the City of La Quinta. This review involved the preparation of a Public Works Program Plan (PWPP) Report, which summarized the results of the review, which included: A Research and Assessment of the City’s Public Works operations including organizational, budget, personnel staffing resources, policies, and procedures. Also were internal and external interviews with the City Manager, Assistant City Manager, key city managers from other departments as well as business leaders and developers. Model public works operations from other cities were investigated and recommendations made relative to adopting some of their best management practices.  A modified public works department organization was also recommended and Key Program objectives established for the implementation of the Public Works Program Plan. The PWPP was approved by City Council and the reorganization plan as well. Follow-up mentoring and consultation services were provided over a six-month period to assist the Director of Public Works in establishing the new organization and in the initial steps of the PWPP as well.


"The efforts the Bucknam & Associates team has put forth in developing and expanding the City’s GIS capabilities have been a tremendous benefit throughout the City."

Mark Lewis, Director