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Infrastructure Management
Our full-service Infrastructure Management - GIS Division provides comprehensive engineering and infrastructure management services, as well as database management, field inspection services, capital improvement reporting and GIS/GPS implementation and management.  Our staff consists of registered civil engineers; former Director of Public Works-City Engineers and maintenance specialists who can help implement solutions based upon your infrastructure needs and provides assistance through each step of your project.

Bucknam & Associates commits to providing its clients with personalized service.  By selecting Bucknam & Associates, the your agency will receive a strong, knowledgeable, innovative, and communicative team with the experience to implement a cost-effective management programs.  Our handpicked management professionals are committed to delivering quality services to the City.  Our offices, supported by 15 employees, are located in Laguna Niguel and Oceanside, CA.

    * Pavement Management Programs (PMP)
    * PMP Database Conversion
    * Airport Pavement Management Services
    * Geographic Information System (GIS) Implementation and Management
    * PMP-GIS Linking
    * Public Right-of-Way (ROW) Inventory
    * Traffic Control Device Inventory (TCDI) - Sign Inventory
    * Digital Roadway Imaging (GPS Data Collection)
    * GIS/GPS Digitization, Geo-reference
    * ADA Compliance Inventory (Self Evaluation - Transition Planning)
    * Digital Scanning - Record Retention (w/GIS Link)
    * GIS Intranet Integration and Management
    * Sidewalk Inventory and Management
    * County PMP Compliance Report (LACMTA, OCTA, SD TransNet, SB, Riverside)