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Founded in 1996, Bucknam & Associates, Inc. (C-Corporation) is committed to establishing stronger relationships with government organizations through frequent communication and team building.  We build long-term partnerships with agencies that expect and require accuracy, efficiency, and integrity in all aspects of community services.  Our experienced staff is committed to ensuring that immediate and long-term goals are met and are a top priority in the development of your:

  • Program Management
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Pavement Management / Survey
  • Sign - Retroreflectivity Inspection 
  • Public Right-of-Way Management / Survey
  • Record Retention Services
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Water Resources Planning
  • Federal / State Funding Assistance
  • Facility Management projects

Our full-service Infrastructure Management-GIS Division provides comprehensive engineering and infrastructure management services, as well as, database management, field inspections services, GPS services and GIS automation and management.  Our staff consists of registered civil engineers, former Director of Public Works-City Engineers and Maintenance specialists who can help implement solutions based on upon specific Federal, State, County Propositions/Measures and local agency requirements and provide assistance through each step of the project.

In addition to the extensive knowledge and experience of our infrastructure management professionals, Bucknam & Associates provides a broad scope of administrative, inspection, construction management, civil engineering to public agencies.  This experience, coupled with its service to more than 120 cities and other public agencies, assures our clients that the firm is a broad based resource with and understanding of the problems and solutions necessary for efficient public agency operations in today's complex governmental environment.

Bucknam & Associates commits to providing its clients with personalized service.  By selecting Bucknam & Associates, your agency will receive a strong, knowledgeable, innovative and communicative team with the experience to implement cost-effective management programs.  Our handpicked management professionals are committed to delivering quality services to your agency.  Our corporate office is located in Laguna Niguel, CA, complimented with our office in Oceanside, CA, which are supported by 12 employees.. 



"The efforts the Bucknam & Associates team has put forth in developing and expanding the City’s GIS capabilities have been a tremendous benefit throughout the City."

Mark Lewis, Director