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City of Brea - Development Services Program Plan
Development Services Program Plan - 2001

This assignment completed in 2001 provided for the complete review of the City’s development services program processes. Included in the review were the functional areas within the Development Services Department (Planning Building and Engineering), the Redevelopment Department, Municipal Services Department and the Fire Department. An assessment of existing procedures and protocols relating to the processes for entitlement, plan checking and certification of developments was conducted. Interviews with some 50 individuals from both within the organization and external to it were conducted as well to obtain an assessment of the level of service expectations of internal and external customer base. A program-planning workshop was conducted to develop a Development Services Program Plan strategy, which set forth several Key Results Areas along with specific staff responsibilities and timelines for each action item. Also included was a staffing workload assessment for the Engineering Division of the Development Services Department. This assessment identified in-house and contract workload indicators to evaluate the potential reassignment of functions with the Division to increase efficiency of operations.


"The efforts the Bucknam & Associates team has put forth in developing and expanding the City’s GIS capabilities have been a tremendous benefit throughout the City."

Mark Lewis, Director